ASIC vs. Network Processor
Advantage of Network Processor

- Broadband processing capability
- High functional integration
- High programmability
- Simple and easy
- Maximization of system adaptability
- Customization for value-added time-to-market application


Network Processor : ASIC + Programmability

Broadband Acess network’s requirements are met by firmware programming of the network processor - addition/modification/upgrade

- Fast packet processing
- Reprogramming is allowed for packet processing
- Less need to repave network equipments




12 tuple packet parsing
16 jump ID generation
Classification engine에서 결과 받아 입력함
Pre-processing tag generation

Packet processing result (우선순위,출력 포트, Vlan tag/untag…)를 분석하여 Switch Fabric으로 출력

Ingress buffer
Header 60byte (L2~L4) buffering
Pre-processing tag (pre-tag) buffering
Pre-tag저장 후 Packet Processor (PP)가 이를 처리
Post-processing tag저장 후 PP 수행 완료함

Packet Processor (PP)
Firmware기반의 packet processing
1K instruction
Hierarchical classification (ACL, Filtering)
L2/L3/L4 Switching
NApT, flow QoS, WRED등의 기능을 처리함
32K word lookup memory access