Quopin Co., Ltd is a fabless semiconductor company with the proven technology of the professional network processor for value-added network.
Since the company's establishment in 2004, we supplied diverse range of the network processor based switch chipsets & solutions to the local and overseas tele-communication device manufacturers.
As broadband internet access and smart devices became very popular nowadays, there are many requirements for the network applied solutions, therefore, we recently developed the real-time multimedia interactive transfer solution and precision time protocol(PTP) solutions.
Our multimedia interactive transfer chipset, MonaLisa, is a Multimedia-Network convergence product. It consists of the H.264 codec which can compress and de-compress the data, and the network processor which handles the internet packets for the Ethernet and Wi-Fi network.
It can process and tranfer the multimedia data with the very high speed, therefore, it is possible to communicate the data interactively real time. The applications are wireless multimedia transfer between PC and TV, between smart phone and TV, and eventually N-screen Service. And the real-time data transfer makes it possible to perform the remote game, or work.
  • H.264 Full HD
  • Latency 30~60 ms
And the precision time protocol chipset, which supports the IEEE1588v2 standards, can perform the PTP function, and it can synchronize the time and frequency through IP network when the GPS signal cannot reach.
Its innovative feature implementation and low cost system configuration bring to OEM/ODM leaders the market initiative.